Try Ravages


What better way is there for an opening post in a blog about The Ravages of Time to begin than by simply recommending the first chapter?

Now go and kindly read Ravages here. Or here.

But wait – there’s more… for I have prepared this backup, just in case (you quit).


5 responses to “Try Ravages

  1. Ok.. you got a new follower now.. Just one question…. Is this blog by ‘mr. merc’ or ‘mr. mysterious reader who comments on the ravagingtimes blog’?? Lol! anyway… it’s really nice there is a blog like this… I’m trying to find my way around though…

    I’ve got a few suggestions if you care to take them:

    1. Since there are soooo many characters, people can sometimes get discouraged. So you can have a section on characters… or character analysis, and you can also draw parallels with historical and other representations of the characters (like in the novel, games, other mangas etc)

    2. I see there’s a link to merc’s site in the ‘handy accounts of events’… maybe a proper timeline could also attract more readers… And each time line could be a link to a section where you summarize the events of that arc, explaining the strategies being played out in the arc and the characters in the field…

    I’ll think up more of them and let you know…

    I think the major reason people get disheartened with this manhua is because it is really confusing and there are so many characters and the author does not make it easy for readers by spoonfeeding them…. And of course, there are these mind boggling strategies…
    The reason manga’s like Kingdom are so popular is because they are simply easy to read… While TRoT is not…

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    • Welcome to this platform. I happen to be the ‘reader’ commenting in merc’s wonderful blog.

      Well, the long-term plan of this blog would be that it would have summaries of every chapter and volume. A character sheet is also in the works, though I would take a while for me to finish. Due to constraints, I probably won’t be able to give detailed analysis of the characters…

      As for the timeline, that would be great (and maps too), but I am not really competent enough to deliver on such details. I only consider this blog to be a pre-wiki formation, and would appreciate it if others continue (and revive the wikia page) long after the simple summaries have been constructed.

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      • Sure… I can devote some time to develop the wikipage… I really want more people to read this manhua… And looking at most of the mindless garbage out there having huge following somehow really pisses me off!! I know it’s quite irrational to think like that, but then again.. that’s just how it is..

        I’ll try and see what I can do to revive the Wiki… Mind you though, with school and everything I’ll be really slow!! lol!


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