Chapter 3 summary

Now I proceed to summarize chapter 3 of The Ravages of Time.

PLOT. Guo Ang continues to attack Xu Lin’s entourage. He is able to leap high enough despite his heavy armor, and makes his way to Xu Lin in the main ship. Once cornered, Xu Lin cries for help and Zhao Huo, positioned in another ship, promptly leaps to his aid. Zhao Huo manages to knock Guo Ang off the main ship, but all of a sudden another assassin (this time one-legged with a bladed stub replacing the other leg) sneakily climbs up the ship and kills Xu Lin as well as Zhao Xian, who was there to help Xu Lin relax after he survived the first attempt.

SCHEME. Zhao Huo’s fighting maneuver uses feints to mislead enemies. The game plan of the Handicapped Warriors turns out to involve Guo Ang as the vanguard decoy (and the one to do the heavy-lifting by taking out the bulk of the defenders), while another assassin does the stealthy part and quickly dispatches the target and whoever happens to be nearby.

PROP. The chapter predominantly features high-flying stunts and flashy exchanges of blows. The invocation of a ‘Changshan style’ perhaps adds to the ‘local color’ of the setting. Meanwhile, the clothing of Xu Lin and Zhao Huo’s ten earrings suggest ‘bizarre’ fashion tastes or ‘exotic’ cultural origins. And whereas Guo Huai’s armor makes him look like a walking suit of armor, the second assassin in turn resembles a ninja.

THEME. There aren’t too many clear and distinct ideas and topics to talk about here. Perhaps one can reflect on the pitfalls of complacency and conceitedness, not to mention the bitterness of failures and defeats.

PLUS. I’m not really that good at providing a blow-by-blow account of action scenes. I’ll just let the readers see the fights in Ravages for themselves, and perhaps some of them might fulfill what I am unable to once the wiki has been revived.


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