First recap: volume 1

In this post I initiate the shorter component of my protracted (and admittedly, somewhat tiring) campaign to make The Ravages of Time easier to get into. As a reminder, the ‘manga’ tag is reserved for chapter summaries (and a few other posts), while the ‘manhua’ tag is reserved for volume recaps (and a few other posts). That being said, I shall now proceed.

  • Chapter 1: Sima Yi wakes up from a dream and plans to have Xu Lin taken out.
  • Chapter 2: An assassin stands to block Xu Lin’s boat ride.
  • Chapter 3: Zhao Xian dies and Zhao Huo fails to stop the Handicapped Warriors.
  • Chapter 4: Liaoyuan Huo introduces himself before killing Xu Lin and his guards.
  • Chapter 5: Liu Bei saves two cities with one looting.
  • Chapter 6: Sima Yi orders the Handicapped Warriors to rescue Sima Lang.

The first (and smallest in terms of chapter count, though the first chapter is almost as long as three chapters combined) volume mainly sets up the scene for the upcoming bigger events by introducing some pivotal characters such as Sima Yi and the Handicapped Warriors (and Diaochan). Liu Bei is also given an early mention, perhaps because he is going to be the boss of Sima Yi’s future rival, Zhuge Liang. Regrettably though, the series begins during Dong Zhuo’s occupation of Luoyang, rather than the Yellow Turban Rebellion or perhaps the intrigues involving the Ten Attendants.


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