Volume 3 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 3 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Chapter 15: Xiao Meng sends a message to Liaoyuan Huo about the moving plan.
  • Chapter 16: Yuan Dang shields ‘Diaochan’ from numerous harassment attempts.
  • Chapter 17: Tian De enlists Sima Yi’s help and sneaks him into the Guandong camp.
  • Chapter 18: Sima Yi and the Eight Geniuses attempt to decode the scripture puzzle.
  • Chapter 19: First Genius Yuan Fang initiates an adjusted version of the rescue plan.
  • Chapter 20: Yuan Dang and ‘Diaochan’ escape from Lü Bu.
  • Chapter 21: The insiders of Sima Yi and Yuan Fang begin their respective assaults.
  • Chapter 22: Dong Zhuo’s main army surrounds Yuan Fang’s main team.
  • Chapter 23: Lü Bu recaptures Sima Lang and ambushes the Handicapped Warriors.

The volume includes further complications and twists to the competing plans introduced in the previous volume. The Eight Geniuses are also introduced as a mysterious bunch of special students, who would emerge much later as famous military advisers and brilliant schemers. But perhaps the best surprise concerns the reinterpretation of Lü Bu as not only strong but also cunning.


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