Volume 8 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 8 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Chapter 60: Lü Bu stirs a sense of ambition in Liu Xie.
  • Chapter 61: Lü Bu joins the conversation of Dong Zhuo, Wang Yun, and Diaochan.
  • Chapter 62: Li Ru’s cohorts ambush Lü Bu in the middle of the night.
  • Chapter 63: Lü Bu’s play-acting wins over the soldiers who came to his rescue.
  • Chapter 64: Lü Bu poisons Liu Bian and sets up Li Ru to take the blame.
  • Chapter 65: Lü Bu alienates Liu Xie from Dong Zhuo.
  • Chapter 66: The Handicapped Warriors attack Dong Zhuo’s entourage.
  • Chapter 67: Dong Zhuo and Li Ru ambush Lü Bu and Liaoyuan Huo.
  • Chapter 68: Li Ru’s loyal troops corner Lü Bu’s palace accomplices.

This volume features various complications to the assassination plot by having Li Ru and Lü Bu scheme hard to outmaneuver each other for the most part, only to reveal that Dong Zhuo was well-prepared all along and basically acted to deceive and expose Lü Bu. Welcome to the twists and turns of the Ravages train! Much more still to come in future chapters and volumes…


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