Volume 9 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 9 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Chapter 69: Soldiers loyal to Lü Bu round up the cohorts of Li Ru.
  • Chapter 70: Zhang Liao and Liaoyuan Huo take care of the remaining threats.
  • Chapter 71: The Third Genius briefly meets with Cao Cao in Mount Tai.
  • Chapter 72: Lü Bu finishes off Dong Zhuo and confronts Sima Yi.
  • Chapter 73: Wang Yun colludes with Lü Bu and secures the support of court officials.
  • Chapter 74: Sima Yi’s bluffs and threats successfully fend off Lü Bu.
  • Chapter 75: Liaoyuan Huo picks up Xiao Meng for a timely exit.
  • Chapter 76: Lü Bu ‘cleans up’ Chang’an in preparation for Niu Fu’s arrival.
  • Chapter 77: Jia Xu’s dark schemes finish off Li Su and provoke Lü Bu.

This volume mainly wraps up the schemes and deceptions in the assassination of Dong Zhuo by introducing some elements that would reverse Dong Zhuo’s apparently dominant position. Sima Yi also personally negotiates with Lü Bu using a bluff in order to ensure the safety of Wang Yun and the Handicapped Warriors. Niu Fu’s arrival alongside Jia Xu and the remnants of Li Ru’s faction serves as an indication that another deadly round of fights and manipulations is on the way. Citations to and discussions of older texts become more pronounced.


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