Volume 11 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 11 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Chapter 86: Mi Zhu implores Liu Bei to rescue Xuzhou from Cao Cao.
  • Chapter 87: Liaoyuan Huo repels Tian Sheng’s assault on Tanxian.
  • Chapter 88: Guo Jia’s scheme tricks Liaoyuan Huo and cuts off routes to Tanxian.
  • Chapter 89: Chen Gong proposes a scheme to Lü Bu as a way to aid Xuzhou.
  • Chapter 90: Liaoyuan Huo sneaks into Guo Jia’s position.
  • Chapter 91: Zhang Fei and Zhang Liao scout the surroundings of Xuzhou.
  • Chapter 92: Xu Chu confronts his father’s assassin.
  • Chapter 93: Guo Jia exposes Liaoyuan Huo and his paymaster in front of Cao Cao.

This volume basically sets up the initial phase of Cao Cao’s first campaign in Xuzhou. There is plenty of tactical action involved, as well as some larger-scale scheming. The appearance of Lü Bu indicates forthcoming complications to the campaign. In addition, consequences resulting from the assassination of Xu Lin are brought up, thus enhancing the drama and further ‘developing’ the Sima clan’s plot involvement. Finally, Liu Bei and Cao Cao confront each other on-panel for the first time, in battle.


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