Volume 15 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 15 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Chapter 118: Sima Yi advises Guo Gong and negotiates with Xun Yu.
  • Chapter 119: Cao Cao’s remaining forces hold out and endure the assault.
  • Chapter 120: Guo Jia talks to Cao Ren about preparing the troops for a future war.
  • Chapter 121: Chen Gong debates with Sima Yi and finds himself ambushed by Xun Yu’s reserve forces.
  • Chapter 122: Mister Tian sabotages Lü Bu and rendezvouses with Cao Cao.
  • Chapter 123: Dian Wei assaults Lü Bu in an unguarded moment.
  • Chapter 124: Shan Wuling proposes a deal after Cao Cao’s victory.
  • Chapter 125: The Sima clan takes Sun Shu into custody.

This volume basically concludes the Yanzhou campaign, with critical reversals leading to a decisive victory for Cao Cao. This development not only prevents Lü Bu from regaining his previous dominant political status, but also serves as Cao Cao’s stepping stone for a later, greater showdown with Yuan Shao. A woman adviser (first depicted in volume 6) shows up again and enters the fray as a counterpart to Sima Yi, just as the Defeated Officers (of which Dian Wei is a former member) are set up as a rival organization to the Handicapped Warriors. Near the end, Sun Shu reappears and more members of the Sun clan step up, indicating a shift in focus to the intrigues of Sun Ce and Yuan Shu.


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