lazy intermission

Those who have visited or stumbled upon this blog more than once can already see what it’s all about. So I don’t even really need to mention ‘the name’ at this point.

All I have to say for now is, go (re)discover it, savor it (again), cherish it (even more).

I am disappointed that there still don’t seem to be that many English-speaking people who check it out and stay with it (and actively talk about it, at least online). I am also saddened that those folks who appreciate it also happen to be rather busy with many other stuff.

Have my paltry efforts been in vain? Are my small interventions futile and inutile? Heck, even these complaints and rants are starting to appear repetitive…

In any case, I’m still ready to continue promoting it even in these lonely conditions. Insha’Allah (and ad majorem Dei gloriam) this work might reach a few more interested people.

More substantive posts (I plan to discuss the major warlords and other schemers) and the resumption of volume recaps – and perhaps chapter summaries – coming soon…


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