Volume 19 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 19 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Chapter 151: Sima Yi sends Sun Shu home and appoints Zhang Lei as the new head of the Handicapped Warriors.
  • Chapter 152: Li Jue and Guo Si catch up to Liu Xie fleeing with Dong Cheng and Yang Feng.
  • Chapter 153: Liu Xie, upon Xu Huang’s encouragement, declares his desire to tour the empire.
  • Chapter 154: Cao Cao berates Dong Cheng for being impotent in his loyalty.
  • Chapter 155: Zhang Ji sacrifices himself after encouraging his troops to retreat and give up.
  • Chapter 156: Liu Xie scolds Cao Cao for being late.
  • Chapter 157: Xun Yu’s plan results in Xu Huang’s recruitment and the execution of Li Jue and Guo Si by dissatisfied subordinates.
  • Chapter 158: Lü Bu seeks refuge in Xuzhou under Liu Bei as part of a scheme.

This volume mainly features the twists and turns in Cao Cao’s campaign to rescue and secure the emperor from the clutches of Li Jue and Guo Si (and thereby ascend to the status of de facto power of/in the empire). Although Sima Yi appears in this mini-arc, he only plays a minor support role here. Liu Xie gets to show off his growing (albeit significantly stunted) aptitude for political performance, while Xun Yu’s relatively peaceful brand of governance and manipulation is given some attention. Upon the conclusion of this short adventure, the scene shifts to Liu Bei and Lü Bu as their respective forces prepare for another round of fighting and intrigue sometime in the near future.


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