Volume 33 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 33 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Side Story Chapter 1: Liu Da’s entry into the service of the Sima clan is remembered.
  • Side Story Chapter 2: Liaoyuan Huo’s entry into the service of the Sima clan is remembered.
  • Chapter 264: Sun Quan leaves Shan Wuling and returns to the Sun clan along with some Defeated Officers.
  • Chapter 265: Liu Bei joins Dong Cheng’s loyalist conspiracy to overthrow Cao Cao.
  • Chapter 266: Sun Ce’s forces outmaneuver Yan Baihu using Sunzi’s methods.
  • Chapter 267: Sima Hui makes preparations to deal with the re-emerging cults.
  • Chapter 268: Sun Quan ‘negotiates’ the marriage of the Qiao sisters.
  • Chapter 269: Yu Ji shows up in Kuaiji.

This volume mainly shifts attention to the final phases of Sun Ce’s campaign to conquer Jiangdong, just as Yuan Fang simultaneously wraps up his campaign against Gongsun Zan. Sun Quan makes his appearance (and reveals himself to be that little kid accompanying Shan Wuling in volume 6), now leading the Defeated Officers and ready to aid Sun Ce using underhanded schemes. Liu Bei is also briefly touched upon, as his attempt to get close to Liu Xie leads him to another anti-Cao (and apparently emperor-endorsed) conspiracy, which includes Dong Cheng and Ma Teng as members. Lastly, the ‘extremist’ Taiping sects led by Yu Ji emerge into the picture, ready to rejoin the fray (after the failure of the Yellow Turbans) and take advantage of the instability in the eastern regions.

Additionally, two chapters are devoted to side-stories about Liu Da and Liaoyuan Huo.


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