Volume 36 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 36 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Chapter 286: Zhou Yu arrives after the Taiping troops abandon Sun Ce and Taishi Ci.
  • Chapter 287: The eastern region’s Lu clan saves Sima Yi from Yuan Fang’s assassins.
  • Chapter 288: Gan Ning and Huang Zhong fend off Sun Ce’s veteran retainers and retreat with Liu Hu’s help.
  • Chapter 289: Yuan Fang blackmails Zhang Fei into killing Ju Zhou and switching sides.
  • Chapter 290: The Lu clan infiltrates the Taiping sect and captures Xu Gong on behalf of Sun Ce.
  • Chapter 291: Zhang Liao finishes off Dong Cheng’s faction of anti-Cao instigators in the imperial court.
  • Chapter 292: Lü Meng harasses Liu Xun’s forces as part of Zhou Yu’s plan.
  • Chapter 293: Liaoyuan Huo and Zhang Lei discuss matters in Xiao Meng’s gravestone.

This volume mainly adds further complications and twists to Sun Ce’s campaign against Huang Zu (and Yu Ji’s Taiping sect), while also touching upon the instigated defection of Liu Bei to Yuan Shao’s camp. Gan Ning and Huang Zhong get their share of the spotlight for their valiant efforts. More members of Sun Ce’s forces show up, including Lü Meng and the Lu clan (headed by Lu Xun). Sima Yi acts more as an observer in the goings-on after being rescued from Yuan Fang’s hit squad. Lastly, Liaoyuan Huo briefly appears along with Zhang Lei (and the young sons of already-deceased comrades). Due to the mess in Liu Bei’s situation, Liaoyuan Huo now has to come to terms with his conflicting identities, and to make up his mind regarding which side to truly follow.


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