Volume 41 recap

I now proceed to condense volume 41 of The Ravages of Time.

  • Chapter 325: Tian De seeks Sima Yi’s aid.
  • Chapter 326: Jia Xu and Liaoyuan Huo separately prepare for Guan Yu’s return to Liu Bei.
  • Chapter 327: Jia Xu swears to take down Liu Bei in ten days.
  • Chapter 328: Yuan siege forces and the Cao main camp defenders counter each other’s tactics.
  • Chapter 329: Yuan Xi marries Zhen Shi as part of Yuan Fang’s plan to weaken Yuan Shao’s legitimate sons.
  • Chapter 330: Jia Xu’s false oath results in Liu Bei’s inaction and the ambush of Gong Du and Gao Lan.
  • Chapter 331: Two brothers from the same village meet as soldiers of separate sides during a grave-burial ceasefire.
  • Chapter 332: Xu You replaces Xu Yuan to counter Sima Yi’s blackmail plan.

This volume mainly features further twists and turns in the overall campaign as the momentous battle in Guandu draws near. Sima Yi gets to play a prominent role by collaborating with his friend Tian Feng to help bring down Yuan Fang’s influence from within (using his bad blood with Cao Cao to lower enemy suspicion). Guan Yu’s loyalty (without detailing the journey through 5 passes) is also explored, along with Liu Bei’s ‘fatal weakness’ for brotherhood that would lead to his future undoing. In addition, Jia Xu exhibits his savvy with regard to his oaths. Yuan Fang in turn reveals his capacity to unleash various battlefield tactics while simultaneously managing clan factionalism. Lastly, an alternative perspective is explored by featuring a common soldier in a subplot.


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