Allow me to complain.

No, I’ll complain whether or not you allow me to, thanks but no thanks, sorry not sorry.

Of course, surely the blog administrator would permit me to do this petty tirade in this venue, because he too shares many of my sentiments…

Here goes.

  1. Why must Ravages remain SO VERY underrated and under-appreciated among English-speaking readers even after 15 years?
  2. Why are Game of Thrones and Legend of the Galactic Heroes, just to name a few notables, hailed as masterpieces of political scheming and/or military action while Ravages barely gets noticed despite its cerebral superiority?
  3. Why is it that Kingdom gets so much attention and praise whereas Ravages just languishes by the wayside?
  4. Why didn’t the success of the Three Kingdoms 2010 series or the Red Cliff film lure more people into appreciating Ravages?
  5. Why does Ravages have the grave misfortune of having few enthusiastic readers and fewer ACTIVE AND VOCAL FANS who stay long, at least outside the Sinosphere?
  6. Why do those few critics and detractors of Ravages tend to focus on the petty things like scanlation quality and Chinese names rather than bring up more substantial points of contention?
  7. How long must I and the administrator and the other fans put up with this frustrating situation?
  8. How will future hypothetical live-action or animated adaptations even do justice to the intricacies of Ravages?
  9. How ineffective can this blog be in persuading visitors to take up Ravages?
  10. What if the collaborators in this blog or, God forbid, the translator or the author, would die before Ravages gets its moment of global acclaim?

I just had to rant about it, since even offline I only have very few people to talk to about the masterpiece that is Ravages.

I’ll try to post something happier next time. 🙂


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