Maybe I should learn Chinese, or Thai, or Vietnamese, or Bahasa Indonesia, if I want to converse with even more Ravages fans.

Oh who am I kidding, like I have all the time and the motivation to do all those.

But seriously, it feels gloomy and tiring whenever I read and reread and re-reread Ravages only for me to barely and rarely see any lively discussion that’s conducted in English, lol.

Just to be clear, it’s not Ravages that I’m getting tired of.

Come on, it’s not that Ravages is so vapid or ineffable or esoteric that there is little to talk about.

In fact, even in other more vapid, more ineffable, more esoteric works, there are quite a lot of people ranting and raving about how vapid, ineffable, esoteric those said works are, and a lucky few even have scholars studying them.

I mean, considering that Ravages has lasted 15 years already, there should be a lot of topics for people to delve into by now.

There’s the mind-boggling schemes favored by the blog administrator that I could barely follow, there’s the drama and the character conflict that I delight in, there’s the debates and the presentation of contending ideas and ideals, there’s the panoramic scenes and the action sequences and the cheesy closeups, there’s the quotes and paraphrases, and so on.

The other disappointing thing of course is how most of those who actually dare to talk about Ravages either dwell on the petty things like the font style and the horses’ legs, or they receive little to no responses, or both.

In all fairness though, it’s not as if there’s so much discussion going on in other, less popular and renowned historical fiction texts.

But lemme just say, as far as Ravages goes, the relative silence doesn’t exactly encourage more people to soldier on in solitude.

It may even be that a vicious cycle/spiral/whatever is generated by this hapless situation where less people discuss because they think there are few vocal readers anyway, leading to fewer committed readers because of the lack of discussion.

Not that this blog has made that much of an impact anyway.


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