Here I talk about some of the grudges that ravage the characters of Ravages.

It should be obvious by now, but I have to say that the plot lines listed here do not necessarily reflect the accounts in the Records or the Romance or the other adaptations.

  • Sima Yi’s path to darkness
  1. Xu Chu and Xu Ding seek revenge on the ones responsible for the assassination of their father, Xu Lin.
  2. Cao Cao, the master of Xu Chu and Xu Ding, begins extorting the Sima clan.
  3. Estranged members of the Handicapped Warriors, the secret assassin team of the Sima clan, get involved in Pang Tong’s plot to kill Cao Cao.
  4. Xu Ding takes advantage of the opportunity and massacres the Sima clan, with Cao Cao’s tacit approval.
  5. Sima Yi vows to take revenge by first offering his services to Cao Cao, with the long-term goal of taking everything away from Cao Cao.
  • Liaoyuan Huo’s resentments
  1. Pang Tong uses Liaoyuan Huo in a plot to kill Cao Cao, and this results in the fall of the Sima clan.
  2. Liaoyuan Huo has feelings for Xiao Meng, who Sima Yi sacrificed for the sake of the long-term revenge plan.
  3. Fan Furen reveals that she was abandoned by Liaoyuan Huo, who in turn realizes that Xiao Meng lied to him back then about the disappearance/death of Fan Furen.
  • Xiao Meng’s plight
  1. Xiao Meng was a eunuch trained in the imperial court and got caught up in the intrigues.
  2. Xiao Meng was welcomed into the Sima clan, and became an assassin to repay the benefactors.
  3. Xiao Meng develops feelings for Liaoyuan Huo, but feels inadequate considering the condition of being a eunuch.
  4. Xiao Meng indirectly takes part in Pang Tong’s scheme and attempts to assassinate Cao Cao in order to relieve the troubles of the Sima clan, but fails.
  5. Xiao Meng’s seeks revenge on Cao Cao for the fall of the Sima clan.
  6. The death of Xiao Meng’s archery teacher, Cao Xing, only serves to intensify the resentment.
  7. Xiao Meng tries to kill Cao Cao one last time, partly to seek death, but also to awaken Sima Yi’s desire for vengeance, realizing only too late that Sima Yi is dead set on revenge all along.
  8. Xiahou Dun gets to fatally wound Xiao Meng as payback for the loss of his eye, while Cao Cao personally kills Xiao Meng to placate his agitated eunuch-hating soldiers.
  • Lü Bu’s karma
  1. Lü Bu plots to assassinate Dong Zhuo and seize power, getting rid of loyal associates like Hua Xiong and Dong Huang along the way.
  2. Lü Bu blackmails the Sima clan and the Handicapped Warriors into collaborating with the plan to kill Dong Zhuo.
  3. After the deaths of Dong Zhuo and Li Ru, Jia Xu swears to get revenge with the help of surviving subordinates.
  4. Niu Fu and Dong Yue sacrifice their lives to ensure the success of Jia Xu’s schemes.
  5. Lü Bu betrays Liu Bei’s trust not once, but twice.
  6. Liu Bei temporarily joins forces with Cao Cao to defeat Lü Bu.
  7. Xu Chu gets his payback on the man who falsely befriended Xu Lin by personally killing Lü Bu’s daughter.
  8. Hua Xiong’s former subordinates, with the assistance of Sima Yi, turn on Lü Bu to avenge their master and to gain the good graces of Cao Cao.
  • Vendettas involving the Yuan clan
  1. Yuan Shao wishes to awaken the ambitions of his brilliant bastard son Yuan Fang and resorts to killing Yuan Fang’s beloved.
  2. Yuan Fang swears to take revenge by seizing the Yuan clan and conquering the world, fulfilling his father’s secret wishes in the process.
  3. Yang Qing, a close confidante of Yuan Fang, turns out to be Yang Xiu, the son of an imperial official who collaborated with Dong Zhuo and became a political opponent of Yuan Shao.
  4. Yang Xiu also acted as a secret agent of Guo Jia, and used the chance to have his revenge on the Yuan clan by killing Yuan Fang and crushing Yuan Shao’s hopes.
  5. Zuo Ci, one of the Eight Freaks and also a mentor to Yuan Fang, vows to avenge the Yuan clan by joining Cao Cao and waiting for the opportunity to strike.
  6. Sima Yi collaborates with Zuo Ci but sells him out in the end, because Sima Yi’s own revenge plan conflicts with that of Zuo Ci.
  • Vendettas involving the Sun clan
  1. Sun Jian, under orders of Yuan Shu, attacks Liu Biao and dies at the hands of Gan Ning.
  2. Sun Jian’s faction waned in influence as a result, with Yuan Shu benefiting from the clan’s decline.
  3. Sun Ce collaborates with the Shan and the Sima clans in a bid to break free from Yuan Shu’s influence and restore the prestige of his clan.
  4. Sun Ce manages to reestablish elsewhere, but at the cost of Ling Cao being killed by Gan Ning, who accompanies the remnants of a minor force defeated by Sun Ce.
  5. Ling Tong, while not holding a grudge against Sun Ce for the death of his father Ling Cao, nonetheless wants to kill Gan Ning.
  6. Sun Ce in turn resents Liu Biao and the Han in general for the death of his loyalist father, and seeks to purge Yu Ji’s Taiping cultists as a way of emulating Sun Jian.
  7. Lu Xun opportunistically joins the Sun clan, considering that the death of Lu Kang’s killer Ling Cao washes away the blood-debt.
  8. Zuo Ci avenges Yu Ji by having his followers hit Sun Ce with a poisoned arrow.
  9. Gan Ning is accepted into the Sun clan, with Huang Zu’s death at Ling Tong’s hands as blood-payment.

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