Here I talk about some of the factional and family-based dynamics among characters of Ravages.

  • The imperial clan
  1. Liu Bian and Liu Xie don’t quite get along, considering that Dong Zhuo forcibly deposed Liu Bian and replaced him with Liu Xie.
  2. In general, many of the imperial relatives of the various provinces aren’t closely related anyway, so they usually keep to themselves and are rather indecisive when big trouble arises.
  3. Focusing on Jingzhou, Liu Biao’s two sons Liu Qi and Liu Cong are involved in a succession struggle that they don’t necessarily control and demand.
  4. The Cai clan props up Liu Cong and pretty much submits to Cao Cao to avoid war, while Liu Qi is initially supported by Huang Zu and is then subsequently protected by Liu Bei.
  5. Some imperial clan members, such as Liu Ye, are supportive of Cao Cao, but others, such as Liu Chong, oppose Cao Cao.
  6. So far, Ravages hasn’t delved deeply into the hot topic of imperial harem intrigues.
  • The Yuan clan
  1. Yuan Shu’s declaration of a new dynasty resulted in a rift, since the Yuan clan headed by Yuan Shao has a loyalist reputation founded on the generations of court ministers.
  2. Yuan Shao’s three legitimate sons Yuan Tan, Yuan Xi, and Yuan Shang are not only rival contenders for the position of clan leader, all three also desire to marry Zhen Furen, a woman introduced by the bastard Yuan Fang precisely to exacerbate the discord among the brothers.
  3. Yuan Fang is hell-bent on grabbing power and taking revenge, even if it means destroying his brothers as well as his father who once killed his beloved.
  4. Yuan Fang’s faction is the most powerful military bloc, Yuan Shang’s faction has the backing of veterans such as Guo Yuan and even the southern Xiongnu, Yuan Tan’s faction is supported by Tian Feng’s anti-war group, and Yuan Xi’s faction basically sides with the strongest, shifting to Yuan Shang’s side after Yuan Fang’s demise.
  5. Within Yuan Shu’s Zhongjia empire, many of the subordinates are divided between Ji Ling’s clique and Liu Xun’s clique.
  • The Cao and Xiahou clans
  1. Cao Cao is pretty close with a select group of his cousins and clan brethren who accompanied him in his campaigns through thick and thin, men such as Cao Ren, Cao Hong, Xiahou Dun, and Xiahou Yuan.
  2. Considering that Cao Cao really descends from the Xiahou, some Cao clan members such as Cao De tried to distance themselves and even sell Cao Cao out to Yuan Shao.
  3. Cao Cao has many sons, some of them still quite young at the time of the Chibi campaign, but the more prominent and older ones such as Cao Pi and Cao Zhi have already begun their informal rivalry.
  4. Sima Yi and Yang Xiu are also busy building up their treacherous networks and have even meddled in the succession struggle, with Sima Yi backing Cao Pi and with Yang Xiu supporting Cao Zhi and even going so far as to influence Cao Chong.
  • The Sun clan
  1. Sun Ce and Sun Quan are able to work together harmoniously, with Sun Quan helping manage internal affairs to help his older brother, and with Sun Ce relentlessly waging campaigns to pave the way for his younger brother’s administration.
  2. Sun Ce also has his oath brother Zhou Yu to rely on, while Sun Quan has Sima Yi’s wife Shan Wuling as an oath sister and a mentor.
  3. Sun Ce and Taishi Ci started off brawling with each other, but after Taishi Ci surrendered, the two became close comrades in the battlefield.
  4. Sun Jian, back when he was alive, seemed to care more about the affairs of the empire than his family, as reflected in Sun Ce’s longing for his father’s attention.
  5. The Ling clan shows exceptional loyalty to the Sun clan, as demonstrated by Ling Cao’s role as a body double and Ling Tong’s act of rescuing Gan Ning rather than killing him when he’s down.
  6. The Qiao sisters only appeared in one chapter, so there isn’t much to say about them.
  • Dong Zhuo and Lü Bu
  1. Lü Bu used Dong Zhuo, and Dong Zhuo used Lü Bu, even while both keep up the appearance of having close familial ties.
  2. Dong Zhuo’s two sons in law may differ in their approach and temperament, but they are able to work together when needed.
  3. Although many of Dong Zhuo’s followers are loyal to him, they don’t seem to be able to work well with one another once Dong Zhuo is gone.
  • The merchant clans
  1. The Sima and the Shan clans see each other as business competitors.
  2. Shan Wuling initially wanted to take over the Sima clan, but due to Sima Yi’s tricks and gallantry, she has since become Sima Yi’s devoted wife.
  3. Liu Da’s reason for leaving the Handicapped Warriors and joining the Defeated Officers is that he is sickened by the Sima clan’s lack of ambition to take power beyond mere profiteering.
  4. The main members of the Handicapped Warriors get along rather well, although San Chuan seems to be the exception.
  • Liu Bei’s posse
  1. The oath brothers of the peach garden are really close with one another, although Zhang Fei tends to do sneaky things behind Liu Bei’s back, with Guan Yu’s tacit approval or tolerance.
  2. Liu Bei’s two wives seem to get along with each other.
  3. Zhang Fei initially did not trust Zhao Yun due to his background.
  • Water Mirror
  1. There isn’t that much camaraderie among the many students who then go on to serve different masters, but at least they recognize each other as schoolmates, and would set aside their disagreements and feuds upon visiting the school grounds.
  2. The Eight Geniuses see each other as kindred rivals of some sort worthy of respect, due to personal and ideological reasons.
  3. Sima Hui actually disdains the methods of the Eight Eccentrics, although senior members of the two rival schools are deeply acquainted with one another, as shown in the case of Kan Ze being a classmate of Zuo Ci.

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