Here I talk about some of the small things and details that help make the personalities of Ravages stand out more colorfully.

Since there are a lot of characters in Ravages, I’ll only be dealing with a select few, particularly those whose stories haven’t yet been sufficiently explored in the series.

  • Yu Jin regularly accomplishes his tasks in the Cao army training exercises
  • Ma Teng really likes to eat Xiliang noodles, during battles and meetings
  • Gan Ning actually has a noble and honorable side, despite being an ex-pirate
  • Lü Meng talks crudely and swears a lot, at least before his transformation into a scholar-general
  • Li Ru knows shamanism
  • Wen Chou rose up the ranks mainly because of connections
  • Zhang Fei is merely faking his alcoholism
  • Cao Ang is more meticulous than his father Cao Cao
  • Chen Shou’s father is an apprentice of Zhuge Liang
  • Li Dian is usually assigned to handle the rations transport
  • Han Xuan manages to correctly surmise what the three kingdoms division plan is all about
  • San Chuan is implied to not really have a physical handicap, but appears mute because he’s from Yamatai

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