Soon enough until later


It has been a while since my last post, and already the editor who joined me would want to take a break for who knows how long.

Well, I suppose that’s understandable, given that the task of promoting The Ravages of Time to non-Chinese audiences can be quite arduous and daunting, in online terms. I thus can’t help but admire the patience of the unofficial translator, who has been at it for over a decade now. Perhaps fluency in written Chinese (and some spoken Chinese language, such as Cantonese or Mandarin) and thus access to the lively-as-ever Chinese threads can help stave off the ennui.

It really boggles and bothers me that Ravages has not been popularly received outside its domestic market. But what bugs me even more is in knowing that Ravages is actually highly appraised in some niche sectors, but the said sectors either aren’t con/persistent in promotional work, or they too get minimal responses.

I have also considered joining other social media platforms and online communities, but I realize that it would be quite a hassle for me, especially given that the various Ravages ‘hot spots’ aren’t that lively nowadays to begin with, and I doubt that I would be able to reignite those. Maybe someday I’ll open a MAL account or something, but as much as possible I’d rather stick to my task of encoding scraps of information in this blog as a preparatory archive for future use by a re-energized Anglophone international Ravages fan base.

Perhaps at some point, I should be able to resume the long march of summarizing each and every chapter, but for now I’d like to focus on other stuff first. So to those who are still waiting for those summaries (as if I actually have some fans, haha), sorry to disappoint.

Before I end though, let me reiterate my request for people to submit themselves to the inquisition. Also, this blog would benefit greatly from having more authors and serious commenters.

ADDENDUM: Although I said I’m not inclined to put up another social media account, I went ahead and did it anyway (but that’s mainly because Facebook, for all its surveillance, has certain features that I find convenient for the further promotion of Ravages – plus, I get to interact with more fans there while I hardly get any comments here). So feel free to accuse me of haphazardness and flip-flopping…


2 responses to “Soon enough until later

  1. It’s a slow build. If one is suddenly tasked with so much existing content, the brain might feel overwhelmed and shut down. But if just promising very little, say, one next chapter, or one next book, or one arc, it’s easier to fulfil that promise, even if to oneself. Over-exert and you’ll just be left with pain and resentment that nobody appreciates the work that went into something, from the author or you.


    • You have a point. I actually haven’t abandoned the long project yet, though I sure am delaying.

      Also, I tend to have this habit of investing myself in side projects (such as the Facebook page you could see at the side) even before the completion of the main one, haha.

      And by the way, before I forget, congratulations on having acquired the deluxe editions. Best wishes for the re-translation, and if that scanlator can deliver, Ravages might have an increase in English-speaking fans again.


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