Waiting for Ravages updates in English is really really hard once one is able to finish all the available scanlated chapters.

Making things more difficult is that many who try Ravages leave it at some point in favor of other series, often on superficial grounds and flimsy reasons.

And so I take it upon myself to show people that it is possible to enjoy Ravages in a silly and lighthearted fashion.

  • Some of the facial expressions of the characters in Ravages are meme-worthy, as the blog administrator tried to exhibit in a Facebook photo album
  • The Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai fans have already come up with tricks to amuse themselves while waiting for the next chapter to come out, so perhaps English readers can rip off their methods or appropriate some of the fruits of their labor
  • Go ahead and laugh at the substandard translation quality of the first attempt to scanlate the early chapters and volumes
  • Mock the horses
  • Look out for strange or wacky character designs
    • Liu Bei resembles the stereotypical Jesus image, but he has Buddha ears
    • Cao Ren could blend well in a meeting of nordic white supremacists
    • Dong Zhuo has that Babylonian vibe
    • Jia Xu’s hairstyle, nuff said
    • Zhuge Liang’s eyebrows
    • Pang Tong’s tattoo
    • Han Hao looks like some punk rock delinquent
    • Cao Chun would not look out of place among goths
    • Xun Yu and Xun You and their twin moles
    • Hua Tuo reminds me of the medicine seller in Mononoke
    • The mean-looking and bearded minor generals are also somewhat noteworthy
  • Or what amounts to a lame attempt at invoking the 31st stratagem (which the blog administrator frowns upon, lol): revisit the chapters featuring pretty ladies or Xiao Meng, if the muscular and handsome generals aren’t visually appealing enough

I don’t know what else to say, so I better leave it at that so that I’ll have more time to plan a better post in the future.


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