So basically I’ll just be sharing some info on how I came to find Ravages-related stuff online.

Perhaps the blog administrator also resorts to this gimmick at times, if not often.

Of course I start by typing ‘ravages of time’ in the search engine, followed by ‘manga’ or ‘manhua’, so as to minimize the chances of finding links about the idiomatic expression, among other meanings.

Alternatively, the Chinese and Thai and Vietnamese names may also be used for searching relevant Ravages info, in languages other than English.

The use of double quotations in typing words in the search engine, such as “ravages of time”, also helps narrow down the search results.

So far, all I’ve been saying are basic stuff that regular internet users already know and apply.

I’ll thus be moving on to some of the companion terms that I use to find the sub-topics on Ravages that I want to read more about.

  • epic, intricate, layers, masterpiece, awesome, sophisticated, brilliant, excellent
  • smart, intelligent, genius, deep, profound, crafty, cunning, clever
  • schemes, strategy, stratagems, twists, tactics, plots, intrigues
  • politics, philosophy, three kingdoms
  • complicated, complex, convoluted, confusing, difficult, hard, challenging
  • review, recommendation, thread, comments, forum, discussion
  • underrated, underappreciated, unpopular

Now have fun looking for more sites talking about Ravages.


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