Volume 56 recap

It’s been over half a year since the last post (and yes, my associate editor for this blog is still hibernating, though outsiders won’t exactly know who did which blog renovations and post updates and page modifications, other than the feeds, which I admit to doing). Let me just say that I did not expect the arc directly after the battle of Chibi to last more than 5 volumes, to the point of going past chapter 480. But hey, that only means my scheme of dividing The Ravages of Time into ‘sagas’ of around 150-160 chapters each isn’t perfect. That being said, I’ll be working on recaps up to volume 60, so stay tuned… and to kick off, I NOW PROCEED TO CONDENSE VOLUME 56 OF THE RAVAGES OF TIME.

  • Chapter 444: Guan Yu allows Cao Cao to leave Huarong safely, according to plan.
  • Chapter 445: A special team of assassins takes control of Leiyang on behalf of the four southern commanderies of Jingzhou.
  • Chapter 446: Xu Shu continues to collude with Jia Kui as part of Zhuge Liang’s partnership with Sima Yi.
  • Chapter 447: The four commanderies prepare to deal with Liu Bei’s forces.
  • Chapter 448: Yang Xiu tries to influence Cao Chong, while Sima Yi warns Cao Cao of an instigator fanning the flames of sibling rivalry.
  • Chapter 449: Guan Yu outmatches Xing Daorong in a duel, only for Huang Zhong to intervene from a distance.
  • Chapter 450: Zhang Fei’s reconnaissance is rudely interrupted by a young fighter.
  • Chapter 451: Zhao Fan and Fan Furen kill off Cao Feng and await Zhao Yun’s arrival.

This volume basically deals with the aftermath of Cao Cao’s calamitous defeat in Chibi as well as the latter phases of the campaign, focusing on Jingzhou’s southern commanderies and Liu Bei’s attempt to take them. Thus, Liu Bei’s team figures prominently here, as well as some officers from the opposing commanderies, some of whom would go on to serve Liu Bei later on. Sima Yi and his retainers also show up, as a reminder that the revenge plan is still proceeding smoothly, in conjunction with Zhuge Liang’s three-division plan. Interestingly enough, Han Xuan (and perhaps the other administrators as well) figured out the splitting scheme, and prepared accordingly with the aim of replacing Liu Bei as the third main player. Also of interest is how this volume contains some references to the earlier gimmicks and elements, as if to highlight how long Ravages has been going on.


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