Characters: the imperial clan

The Main Household of Heaven

  • Han Lingdi (Liu Hong; deceased, only mentioned)
  • Lingsi Huanghou (Consort He; deceased, only mentioned)
  • Han Shaodi (Liu Bian)
  • Han Xiandi (Liu Xie [Bohe])
  • Imperial consorts (Empress Fu Shou and Consort Dong; confirmed with the help of this post)

The Ministers and Officers of the Court

Court Eunuchs

  • Jian Shuo (deceased; only mentioned)
  • The other Ten Attendants (deceased; only mentioned as a group)
  • Cao Teng (deceased; only mentioned)
  • Xiao Meng’s ‘uncles’ (Gan Ling and Wu Kang; confirmed with the help of this post)

Imperial Relatives near the center

Imperial Relatives in the south

The Cai faction of Liu Biao’s subordinates

Huang Zu’s faction of Liu Biao’s subordinates

Other subordinates of Liu Biao

Imperial Relatives in the west

  • Liu Yan [Junlang] (deceased; only mentioned)
  • Liu Zhang [Jiyu] (mentioned)

Liu Zhang’s subordinates and associates

  • Xi Su (mentioned) {erroneously translated as ‘Gong Su’}
  • Zhang Song [Ziqiao] (face unclear)

Imperial Relatives in the east

Liu Yao’s subordinates and associates

Imperial Relatives in the north

Kingdom of Chen



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