Personal Corroboration of the Associate Blog Editor

I wouldn’t even be joining this blog as a bench warmer of sorts if it wasn’t for the sense of awe that I felt when reading and re-reading Ravages.

Look, I’m not as inclined to the complicated intellectual stuff as the administrator of this site, but there are many things about Ravages that captivated me nonetheless. The dramatic circumstances and decisions of the central characters are mostly touching. The magnificent art style not counting the goofiness of the early chapters is so well-crafted that I would tolerate poor scan quality just to see the pages. And oh, those rare but intense moments of shipping add color and tenderness to the brutal fighting and scheming. Not to mention that many of the dialogue lines are poetic, even if much of the meaning and the word play may be lost in translation.

But what makes Ravages so special compared to other series that also have great drama and romance and art style? Maybe it’s the meticulousness of the whole thing, plus the sense that despite the hard to understand larger scale things going on in the world, the more mundane and personal aspects of life still find their place among the personalities involved. Somehow Ravages is able to balance and blend the panoramic and the zoomed-in perspectives in how it tells its story. Even nameless commoners and lackeys pop up and voice out from time to time.

Just to wrap up, Ravages is a rare treasure trove that has so much in store for us with many interests. My only worry though is that the source story has been repeated so many times in China, while non-Chinese audiences would rather look at fantastic settings or the histories of their own home towns.

Special thanks to the author, the publishing company, the translator, the scanlator, the fans and the one in charge of this blog who was generous enough to let me in. 🙂