Personal Attestation of the Blog Administrator

The Ravages of Time is one of those rare series that radically shifted my fiction-reading experience.

I was but a casual player of Dynasty Warriors (and its spinoffs such as Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi). My first experience of 3K pop culture way back in primary school came in the form of a limited Mandarin-language edition of Dynasty Warriors 3, which I didn’t understand – I didn’t even like the game at first. I came back to it a few years later as a secondary school freshman, realized its rich source material, and got into Romance of the Three Kingdoms (as well as ROTK XI). I also have a variety of other topics of interest that happen to be closely related to philosophy and politics, and these things helped me appreciate what Ravages has to offer. Fast forward to my last years as a university undergrad at around 2013, I stumbled upon Ravages while reading a TV Tropes article about the Romance, and things sort of took off from there. I spent time lurking and reading for a while, before starting a blog.