Chapter and volume sheet

This page features an ordered list of the most basic textual parts of The Ravages of Time. Additional chapters and volumes (the series is still ongoing, after all), as well as hyperlinks to summaries and recaps, will be included in the future as this blog progresses. The efforts of the original composer(s) and the English translator(s) are duly acknowledged. The words in the volume couplets and refreshers have been slightly tweaked.

Volume 1: Crippled and cornered, (a) rout is like a landslide

  • C1-Awakening of a King
  • C2-Being a Handicapped Survivor (re-translated as Crippled and Cornered)
  • C3-Being a Defeated Warrior (re-translated as Routed Like a Landslide)
  • C4-Head of Handicapped Warriors (re-translated as The Leader of the Handicapped Warriors)
  • C5-Three Robbers from a Peach Orchard (re-translated as The Peach Garden Bandits)
  • C6-Zhongda’s Idea (re-translated as Zhongda’s Resourcefulness)

Recap 1: Dong Zhuo brings chaos to the capital and an angry Guandong Alliance retaliates; Handicapped Warriors carry out Zhongda’s deadly schemes

Volume 2: Red Hare gallops in the wind, halberd reflects in limpid eyes

  • C7-Legends of Heroes
  • C8-Bloody Roads of a Ruler (re-translated as The Bloody Path of a Hegemon)
  • C9-Breaking Through Passes (re-translated as Passing Through)
  • C10-North Gate’s Chaos (re-translated as Trouble at the North Gate Tower)
  • C11-No Match under the Sky (re-translated as Second to None)
  • C12-A Beauty Beyond this World
  • C13-Creature’s Dance (re-translated as The Dance of Animals)
  • C14-A Five-Strike Match (re-translated as A Match of Five Moves)

Recap 2: Allied forces come to the rescue; Luoyang is plunged in chaos

Volume 3: Reposition the constellation with words, upset fate with schemes

  • C15-An Agitating Arrow (re-translated as A Shot that Shook the City)
  • C16-Two Fools
  • C17-A Genius Among Geniuses
  • C18-Crouching Dragon and Baby Phoenix (re-translated as Crouching Dragon and Fledgling Phoenix)
  • C19-A Killing Opportunity (re-translated as Deadly Escape)
  • C20-The First Strategy (re-translated as The First Type of Strategy)
  • C21-The Second Strategy (re-translated as The Second Type of Strategy)
  • C22-The Third Strategy (re-translated as The Third Type of Strategy)
  • C23-The Fourth Strategy (re-translated as The Fourth Type of Strategy)

Recap 3: Scripture tapestry hides the scheme; Lü Bu the God of War reveals his true self

Volume 4: War cloak drenched in blood, who dares to come forth?

  • C24-Burning Luoyang (re-translated as The Burning of Luoyang)
  • C25-Yuan Fang’s Path
  • C26-Politics and Prejudice
  • C27-Gulping Lü Bu (re-translated as Engulfing Lü Bu)
  • C28-Three Hands, One Hammer
  • C29-Three Legs, One Knife
  • C30-Haze of Killing Aura (re-translated as The Killing Haze)
  • C31-The Heroism of Brave Men
  • C32-Facing the Blue Sky (re-translated as Facing the Heavens)

Recap 4: Duke of Wen breaks the alliance; God of War defeats the Handicapped Warriors

Volume 5: Changshan’s true hero, courageous through and through

  • C33-The Experience of the Warrior
  • C34-Endless Fighting Between Two Bulls (re-translated as Titans Clash When They Meet)
  • C35-Nurture a Tiger to Court Disaster (re-translated as Raising a Tiger Invites Calamity)
  • C36-One Mountain Higher than the Other (re-translated as There are Higher Mountains beyond This One)
  • C37-Amongst the Strongest, There is Always One Stronger (re-translated as There are Stronger Men beyond This One)
  • C38-Relentless Annoyance (re-translated as Endless Annoyance)
  • C39-The World as the Witness
  • C40-Human and Inhuman (re-translated as Human and Not Human)
  • C41-Fire Phoenix Scorches the Plains

Recap 5: Conqueror kidnaps the Emperor and moves to Chang’an; God of War enters the fight at Luoyang

Volume 6: Warlords trapped at Hulao, three heroes battle Lü Bu

  • C42-Very Important Person
  • C43-A Humanitarian is Invincible
  • C44-Cunning in the Art of War (re-translated as Deception in War)
  • C45-Laughing to the Top
  • C46-Extreme Self-Confidence
  • C47-Heaven’s Will is Unpredictable
  • C48-The Weather Turning for the Better (re-translated as The Weather Improves)
  • C49-Big Fish, Small Fish
  • C50-The Shortcut to Fame (re-translated as Shortcuts to Fame)

Recap 6: Unbeatable God of War defeats the warlords; A god-send warrior appears in Hulao

Volume 7: I am an Imperial Uncle, who is Zhao Zilong?

  • C51-Repugnant Insects and the Empire (re-translated as Ticks and Empires)
  • C52-True Man Whose Head Touches the Sky (re-translated as An Indomitable Man)
  • C53-One Who Exterminates the Insect (re-translated as The Exterminator)
  • C54-Zhao Yun Again (re-translated as Seeing Zhao Yun Again)
  • C55-The Way of Employing Men
  • C56-The Imperial Uncle Personally Takes the Battlefield
  • C57-Truth and Deceit
  • C58-Palace Intrigue
  • C59-The Three Dragons Meet the Master (re-translated as The Collaboration of Three Dragons)

Recap 7: Imperial Uncle campaigns for the sake of the country; (The) Duke of Wen uses others to steal power

Volume 8: The weather stirs over Chang’an, swarming enemies block out the sun

  • C60-An Honest Conversation
  • C61-Cunning on Two Fronts
  • C62-The Hunt for the Tiger Lured Out into the Plains (re-translated as Hunting the Tiger Out in the Open Plain)
  • C63-The Lion Roars
  • C64-Black and White
  • C65-Abdication
  • C66-Attack of the Handicapped Warriors (re-translated as The Handicapped Warriors Attack)
  • C67-The Price of Nurturing a Tiger
  • C68-Soldiers Descending Like a Landslide (re-translated as An Army Descends Like a Mountain)

Recap 8: Lü Bu plays for sympathy to dissolve military control; Li Ru swallows his pride to save the hegemon

Volume 9: Hegemon defies fate, heroes make conquest

  • C69-I Am on the Peak of the Mountain
  • C70-An Eye-Opening Experience
  • C71-Mencius’ Wisdom (re-translated as Master Meng’s Wisdom)
  • C72-A Soldier and a Merchant (re-translated as A Military Man and a Businessman)
  • C73-The Truth Behind the Plot
  • C74-Aid the Wicked, Be Cursed by Heaven (re-translated as Cursed Be Those Who Aid Evil)
  • C75-Sunrise, Sunset
  • C76-Rumours Stop at Fools
  • C77-Eight Geniuses’ King of Formations (re-translated as King of Formations of the Eight Geniuses)

Recap 9: Lü Fengxian is near his victory; Jia Wenhe swears to retake Chang’an

Volume 10: Kill for the Will of Heaven, inhumanity for the greater good

  • C78-One Who Kills (re-translated as One Who Commits Murder)
  • C79-One Who Kills Himself (re-translated as One Who Commits Suicide)
  • C80-Changing Dynasties, Shifting Eras (re-translated as Regime Change)
  • C81-Dark Truth (re-translated as The Greater Good of Darkness)
  • C82-Biting the Fatal Weakness (re-translated as Bite Hard on the Weak Point)
  • C83-Farewell, Hero (re-translated as Until We Meet Again, Hero)
  • C84-Immediate Success (re-translated as Galloping to Success)
  • C85-Xuzhou Decision (re-translated as Decide on Xu Province)

Recap 10: With a brilliant plot Jia Xu avenges his lord; With an ingenious scheme Guo Jia helps Cao Cao

Volume 11: Flame signals light up in Xuzhou, the fog of war dissipates over the forest

  • C86-Right Time, Right Place, Right People
  • C87-A Worthy Opponent in the First Round (re-translated as The First Worthy Opponent)
  • C88-Fight Fire with Fire
  • C89-Principle of Greed
  • C90-Doing My Best
  • C91-Artist, Woodcutter, and Assassin
  • C92-Exacting Revenge, Paying Debt
  • C93-A Fight for Survival

Recap 11: Guo Jia faces a worthy opponent; Xu Chu battles his father’s killer

Volume 12: Peach red blood floats like flower petals, who can stop the path-breaker?

  • C94-Strategy is the Key in Warfare
  • C95-A Fool Among Fools
  • C96-Seeing Oneself
  • C97-A Meticulous Brute
  • C98-A Surprising Move
  • C99-Employ Without Question
  • C100-The Supposed Principle of Righteousness
  • C101-Cao

Recap 12: Zhang Fei stops an army with his lance; Dian Wei breaks a path by himself

Volume 13: Weather turns and the phoenix dances, wind rises and the dragon flies

  • C102-A Raised Spirit
  • C103-Borrowing the East Wind
  • C104-Pride Before Defeat
  • C105-Phoenix Dances Atop the South Hill
  • C106-Dragon Swirls Around the West Hill
  • C107-Merciful or Merciless, Righteous or Unrighteous
  • C108-Self-Interest and Righteousness, Darkness and Light
  • C109-Life as a Dream

Recap 13: South hill phoenix reveals the Rain God; West hill dragon commands an ambush

Volume 14: Trample on lives, haughty like a god

  • C110-Timely Death
  • C111-Undefeatable
  • C112-Not Human
  • C113-A Man as Well as a God
  • C114-True Hero
  • C115-One Dream, Two Hearts
  • C116-The Perfect Formation
  • C117-Genius, Surprises, and Masters of Scheme

Recap 14: Cao Cao loses the Puyang invasion; Handicapped Warriors barely win against the God of War

Volume 15: An able ruler in peacetime, an anti-hero in wartime

  • C118-Zhang Liang and Wolfneck
  • C119-Good Teacher and Beneficial Friend
  • C120-From Waste to Worthy
  • C121-The Foolish Mastermind
  • C122-What if There’s More
  • C123-The Price of Loyalty
  • C124-Crippled Soldiers, Defeated Officers
  • C125-The Meaning of Continuation

Recap 15: Years of preparation is Zhang Liang’s plan; The exemplar in an army is none other than Elai

Volume 16: Make plans like a crouching tiger, make decisions like an eagle lifting off

  • C126-Three Assassins
  • C127-Three Visitors
  • C128-Righteousness. Sympathy
  • C129-Ease at Shouchun
  • C130-Battles of Manipulation
  • C131-A Maturing Wisdom
  • C132-The Madness Strategy
  • C133-The Last Step
  • C134-The Pretentious Kindness

Recap 16: Sun Bofu wages war in the southeast; Yuan Gonglu secretly targets the throne

Volume 17: A landslide is like a rout, barely alive at the end of the road

  • C135-The Suffering of a Loyalist
  • C136-Life’s Conclusion
  • C137-A Rebellious Couple
  • C138-A Landslide is Like a Rout
  • C139-Cornered and Crippled
  • C140-Watch the Distant to Take the Nearby
  • C141-Wait for the Right Timing
  • C142-Act During the Right Timing

Recap 17: Sun clan’s beloved warrior passes on; Yuan clan’s loyal vassal dies without a name

Volume 18: Heroes solemnly depart, fearsome tiger heads east

  • C143-Versus
  • C144-The Biggest Deal
  • C145-A Very Long Day
  • C146-The King of Benevolence and Righteousness
  • C147-The Requirements are Met
  • C148-Heroes are Short-lived
  • C149-The Rising and Extinguishing of the Flame
  • C150-Deploying All Talents

Recap 18: (The) tiger of the east breaks through the cage; (The) fire on the plains extinguishes in the rain

Volume 19: Imperial Han is doomed, lurking Dragon is enraged

  • C151-Lies and Truth
  • C152-The First Irony
  • C153-The Second Irony
  • C154-The Third Irony
  • C155-The Fourth Irony
  • C156-The Anger of Imperial Han
  • C157-Post-Loyalism
  • C158-Their Thoughts Are Not My Thoughts

Recap 19: Cao Mengde sends an escort to save the Emperor; Lü Fengxian schemes for Xuzhou

Volume 20: Sun Ce is intelligent and powerful, heaven favors gentleman Zhou

  • C159-Principled Brilliance
  • C160-Embrace the World
  • C161-A Man of Intention
  • C162-A Match Made in Heaven
  • C163-Praying Mantis Hunts the Cicada
  • C164-The Golden Oriole from Behind
  • C165-Imperial Clan’s Reminiscence
  • C166-Brawns and Brains

Recap 20: Zhou Yu distracts the enemy with ingenuous schemes; Sun Ce takes the Eastern Region (Jiangdong) with ease

Volume 21: Pledge for loyalty, fight an army at Shenting

  • C167-Young Waves
  • C168-Fearless Youth
  • C169-Soldiers Give Their Lives
  • C170-Ghostly Shadows
  • C171-The Aura of Death Rises
  • C172-Sighing at the Door
  • C173-What is Loyalty?
  • C174-Shadow Beneath the Pole

Recap 21: (The) Battle of Shenting frightened even the gods; Sun Ce showed his might in the southeast (Jiangdong)

Volume 22: Find common ground beneath trickery, wake loyal souls with battle cries

  • C175-Each Has His Enemy
  • C176-A Battle
  • C177-A Strategy
  • C178-Lure the Man into the Bag
  • C179-Dressed for the Party
  • C180-Hidden Dragon Uninvolved
  • C181-The Sixteenth Move
  • C182-Liu Bang at a Distance

Recap 22: Zhang Yide lures in the target; Lü Fengxian dresses for the party

Volume 23: Fledgling Phoenix joins the flame of war, Elai dies at Wan

  • C183-The Ever-Changing Situation
  • C184-Phoenix Joins the Fire
  • C185-Safe Passage
  • C186-Men’s Weakness
  • C187-Everything in One Night
  • C188-Behind the Analects
  • C189-Unamused
  • C190-Jest Over Gratitude and Hatred

Recap 23: Pang Tong deploys (an) adaptive stratagem; Cao Cao suffers painful defeat at Yushui Pass

Volume 24: Waves of enemies, endless jokes

  • C191-Deserve to Die or Not
  • C192-First of the Eight Geniuses
  • C193-Six and Tricks
  • C194-The Killer Setup
  • C195-Live to Suffer
  • C196-Number One General
  • C197-Nowhere to Run
  • C198-Two Talents of One Family

Recap 24: Pang Tong unifies scattered forces to fight Cao Cao; Xu Ding soaks the Sima clan in blood

Volume 25: Enduring ruin and pain, forging a will toward greatness

  • C199-Resolution or Complication
  • C200-A Dark Day
  • C201-Forging the Young Aspiration
  • C202-Deadly Servitude
  • C203-Hidden Room of Blood and Tears
  • C204-After Handicapped Warriors
  • C205-The Brave Knows No Fear
  • C206-Finest Dame

Recap 25: Sima Yi’s family is in ruins; In tears, Liaoyuan Huo bids Handicapped Warriors farewell

Volume 26: History will remember the brave ventures, who is to decide whether they are praiseworthy or condemnable?

  • C207-Business is Business
  • C208-Onto a Brighter Path
  • C209-A Sear in History
  • C210-Chu and Han Revisited
  • C211-Weathered Through History
  • C212-Public Enemy
  • C213-Hold It, Save It
  • C214-Three Up, Three Down

Recap 26: Uprooting mountains, displaying the might of a conqueror; Gaozu appears with the surge of wind

Volume 27: Becoming legends in the age of chaos, revealing the mysterious ways of fate

  • C215-Reunion in the Rain
  • C216-Uprooted
  • C217-Rein Master
  • C218-Strength of Each
  • C219-The God and Sage of War
  • C220-Fate’s Mysterious Ways
  • C221-In Small Steps
  • C222-Along the Water

Recap 27: Lü Bu takes on one-man-army (warriors); Liu Bei suffers and gains insight

Volume 28: Audaciously takes down battalions, ferocity gulps down armies

  • C223-The Charging Ambush
  • C224-Paired Shots
  • C225-One-eyed Monster
  • C226-Order to Killing
  • C227-Into the Burning Pit
  • C228-Straight to the Point
  • C229-In Big Steps
  • C230-Take Them By Surprise

Recap 28: Xiahou Dun pulls out the arrow and swallows his eye; Sima Yi appeases his nemesis

Volume 29: Father and daughter defy a fated end, lone rider breaks through a thousand passes

  • C231-Toward Darkness
  • C232-Risking Everything
  • C233-Recalling Vendetta
  • C234-Zhongda Advises
  • C235-Flooding Xiapi
  • C236-Slipping Through the Crack
  • C237-Father Tiger, Daughter Pup
  • C238-Father and Daughter Breaking Through
  • C239-Trapped Beast in a Cage

Recap 29: A genius presents a scheme to besiege Xiapi; Who will take the credit for Lü Bu’s capture?

Volume 30: The formation breaks but the spirit lives on, mark a sword’s range to prove loyalty

  • C240-Parting Tears
  • C241-An Engrossing Battle
  • C242-The Lü Bu of Men
  • C243-The Strongest Opponent
  • C244-The Last Charge
  • C245-The Final Awakening
  • C246-The Arrow of Fate
  • C247-Shedding Blood and Tears

Recap 30: Invincible God of War battles a crowd of Generals; Charging Vanguard raids the Cao camp

Volume 31: Roping a tiger in the chaotic city is risky, the corroded tower draws out a threatening arrow

  • C248-Unrelenting
  • C249-Revealing the Cloven Foot
  • C250-Going Separate Ways
  • C251-Number One Troop
  • C252-A Dream Shattered
  • C253-Silent Words
  • C254-Unsatisfied to Die this Way
  • C255-Atop the White Gate Tower
  • C256-The End in Sight

Recap 31: (The) loyal warrior chose death over submission; (The) Handicapped Warrior gave his life for vengeance

Volume 32: On the day of execution at White Gate Tower, whereto goes the hero?

  • C257-Below the White Gate Tower
  • C258-Be Loyal and Filial
  • C259-A Warrior’s Way of Thinking
  • C260-Imperial Uncle’s Intent
  • C261-The Cultivation of a God of War
  • C262-The Fiery Years
  • C263-To Dreamland Once Again

Recap 32: Blood spilled in the city of Xiapi; Debts paid outside the White Gate Tower

Volume 33: Cultists stir up new trouble, brothers pacify the southeast

  • Side Story C1-Liu Da, Leader of the Handicapped Warriors
  • Side Story C2-Liaoyuan Huo, Leader of the Handicapped Warriors
  • C264-Impending Storms
  • C265-Straight to the Core
  • C266-Heaven Protects the Descendant
  • C267-Return of the Way of Evil
  • C268-A Good Recipe for Value Appreciation
  • C269-Battle of Wits Between Old and Young

Recap 33: Bofu bravely defeats Yan Baihu; Zhongmou brilliantly takes the city of Kuaiji

Volume 34: Shocking fire in front, one-man army behind

  • C270-A Drink Between Anti-Heroes
  • C271-Warfare Takes Risks
  • C272-Unyielding
  • C273-Adding Oil to the Fire
  • C274-The Second Strange Man
  • C275-Two Demons
  • C276-A Young Master in Misfortune
  • C277-The Presence of a Formidable Enemy

Recap 34: A carnage over the mass grave; A swordplay in the burial mount

Volume 35: The dream of empire shatters, forcefully forging the Conqueror’s nation

  • C278-One Less Nuisance from Each
  • C279-Elite Soldiers and Effective Commanders
  • C280-Extermination
  • C281-Under Mengde’s Command
  • C282-Way of Peace in Blood (re-translated as Peace in Blood)
  • C283-The Meeting of Valiant Generals
  • C284-Stay the Course of Righteousness
  • C285-A Dream Like Floating Clouds

Recap 35: The Zhongjia Emperor dies in Jiangting; (The) Little Conqueror wages war on Jiangxia

Volume 36: You See a tiger pounce on the earth, you hear the cranes sing in the sky

  • C286-The Arrogant Conqueror
  • C287-The Top Clan of the Eastern Region
  • C288-Courageously Going Forward
  • C289-Ambidextrous Strikes (re-translated as Ambidextrous)
  • C290-Two Wise Men (re-translated as Two Idea-Men)
  • C291-A Match Between Equally Skilled Players
  • C292-Evil Scheme Down the Stream
  • C293-Demon Comes Assailing

Recap 36: Sun Bofu defeats Huang Zu; Cao Mengde executes Dong Cheng

Volume 37: A Loyalty as clear as day, a transcendence from (the) ordinary to the Warrior Saint

  • C294-Words to Blind
  • C295-Storming Liu Bei
  • C296-Xuzhou Lost
  • C297-Concealed Technique (re-translated as An Unheard-of Technique)
  • C298-The Legend Returns
  • C299-The Persistence of Learned Men
  • C300-Just as Hoped
  • C301-What Goes Around, Comes Around (alternately translated as Karmic Retribution)

Recap 37: Cao Cao sends an attack force to Xuzhou; Sun Ce plots an ambush on the capital

Volume 38: Crossing the river to shoot for power, preying on deers like a hunt for the world

  • C302-The End of the Way of Taiping (re-translated as The Way of Taiping on Its Way Out)
  • C303-Out of Nowhere
  • C304-World-Shakingly Skilled (re-translated as Shockingly Skilled)
  • C305-I’m Not Lü Bu
  • C306-The Righteous Spirit of the Universe
  • C307-The Return of a Warrior
  • C308-The Clash of Classmates
  • C309-Unspeaking Justice (re-translated as The Silent Ways of Heaven)

Recap 38: The fearless Conqueror shocks the world; The Warrior Saint and his superior steed rock the Heavens

Volume 39: The curtain of war ignites in Guandu, the flame withers on the Conqueror’s (oil) lamp

  • C310-A Hundred Days of Pain
  • C311-Behind the Benevolence
  • C312-The Battle of Baima
  • C313-The High-Ranking General of Hebei
  • C314-Bound by Friendship
  • C315-First Win
  • C316-How Many Springs and Autumns (re-translated as For How Many Springs and Autumns)

Recap 39: (The) Warrior Saint’s presence on the battlefield is like a helping hand from God; But Heaven does not protect the Little Conqueror

Volume 40: Pursue like a whirlwind, attack like thunder and lightning

  • C317-The Savages of Hebei
  • C318-West Front Battle of the Yan Ford (re-translated as A Battle West of the Ford)
  • C319-Start at the Bottom
  • C320-Mind Games
  • C321-A Letter of Challenge from the Best
  • C322-The Face-off Between the Best
  • C323-Adapting to the Straightforward and the Surprise
  • C324-Between Hammer and Anvil

Recap 40: Zhang Liao’s raid finishes Wen Chou; Yuan Fang’s ingenious formation defeats Guo Jia

Volume 41: Victory at Guandu within grasp, proud wolf at Hebei devours

  • C325-Rapid-Fire Tactics
  • C326-Unbound by Command
  • C327-Another Military Oath
  • C328-Escalating Counter-Strategies
  • C329-The Plot Thickens (alternately translated as Rings of Intrigue, or as  Layers of Schemes)
  • C330-The Reality of the Military Oath
  • C331-Mutual Torment on the Battlefield
  • C332-Light Up the Conversation

Recap 41: Jia Xu reveals his deceitful military oath; Yuan Fang masterminds a fake collusion

Volume 42: One shot for three eagles, five lives for the truth

  • C333-Brothers in Arms
  • C334-The Cost of Doing Business
  • C335-Five Coins a Catty
  • C336-Honesty Toward Classmates
  • C337-One Shot for Three Eagles
  • C338-An Uproar Among Brothers
  • C339-Burning Gushi
  • C340-Burning Wuchao

Recap 42: Gushi’s fire engulfs Cao Cao; Wuchao’s fire ruins Yuan Shao

Volume 43: Methods of war change within the formation, surprising tactics are devised outside the game

  • C341-A Test from the Hidden Man
  • C342-The Clash of Two Formations
  • C343-Pit One Against a Hundred
  • C344-The Emperor at the Heart of the Matter
  • C345-Know No Fear (re-translated as Knows No Fear)
  • C346-Win Some, Lose Some
  • C347-What Omen Befalls Yuan Shao
  • C348-A Long-Hidden Strike

Recap 43: Yuan Fang displayed his tactical genius at Guandu; Feng Hou’s Controlling the Unexpected shocked the world

Volume 44: With the proper burial of the souls of crane and flower, suddenly the sigh of a crouching dragon can be heard

  • C349-The Sun is Shining
  • C350-Renewed Antagonism
  • C351-A Demon Dreams His Last
  • C352-Of Wit and Credit
  • C353-The King of Deliberation
  • C354-Let Enmity Be Burned Away
  • C355-The Dragon Closes in on Jingzhou
  • C356-Jackals from the Same Lair

Recap 44: Water Mirror’s First Genius falls to (an) assassin; (The) Yuan clan’s world domination dissolves into nothingness

Volume 45: We find real Loyalists in time of turmoil, we seek righteousness through a narrow path

  • C357-Flower Watcher
  • C358-Drive Out the Tiger and Wipe Out the Wolf (re-translated as Rouse the Tiger to Eat the Wolf)
  • C359-Pull Out the Thorn to Use as Arrow
  • C360-The Blooming in the West Land (re-translated as Blooming of Xiliang)
  • C361-Endless Weeds
  • C362-Loyalists Hate the Corrupt
  • C363-The Truth of a Narrow Path
  • C364-Dragon, Wolf, Crow, and Pest

Recap 45: Fengxiao’s strategy eliminates internal concerns; Zhongda’s tactic fends off the external threat

Volume 46: The pillar bends to the weight of calculation, decisive plans top all great minds

  • C365-A Bigger Thorn
  • C366-Nice Poem, Nice Flower (re-translated as Of Poetry and Flower)
  • C367-Nice Medicine, Nice Painting (re-translated as Of Medicine and Painting)
  • C368-A Hero’s Send-Off (re-translated as A Send-off to a Hero)
  • C369-A Send-Off to a Close Friend
  • C370-The Unbeatable Anti-Hero
  • C371-The Unbeatable Strategy
  • C372-The Elegy of the Loving Crow

Recap 46: The King of Decisive Decision dies during the northern campaigns; with his last breaths he laid down the plans to conqueror the south

Volume 47: The melody of the Phoenix flute moves the earth, the sound of the Dragon drum shakes the heavens

  • C373-Weak Officers and Handicapped Soldiers (re-translated as Weak Leaders and Broken Men)
  • C374-Loyal Subject Corrupt Subject
  • C375-On the Open Road or the Shady Path
  • C376-The Leap Over River Tan
  • C377-Engulfing Jiangxia in Rage
  • C378-Wily Old Fox
  • C379-The Melody of the Phoenix Flute Flows (re-translated as The Phoenix Flute Sounds)
  • C380-The Sound of the Dragon Drum Rattles (re-translated as The Dragon Drum Rolls)

Recap 47: Kongming presents his Longzhong stratagem; Xuande finds a Genius in Jingzhou

Volume 48: Galloping through an army, carrying a heavy burden

  • C381-Behind, the Golden Oriole
  • C382-The Cao Army Marches South
  • C383-The Invincible Navy
  • C384-Idiot’s Bright Path (re-translated as Bright Path of the Foolish)
  • C385-Wisemen’s Shadowy Path (re-translated as Dark Path of the Wise)
  • C386-The Path of Gold
  • C387-Blood Cannot Be Wasted
  • C388-Young Master Cries

Recap 48: The Cao army sweeps south and occupies Jingzhou; Zhao Yun engaged the enemy formation by himself

Volume 49: Bravely challenging generals at the front, let blood paint a picture on the bridge

  • C389-The Return of the Powerful Formation
  • C390-A Deal of Ingenuity
  • C391-As If, Therefore
  • C392-Young Master Doesn’t Cry
  • C393-The Broad and Magnanimous Path
  • C394-Subdue Without a Fight
  • C395-A Gain and a Loss

Recap 49: Zhao Yun soaked himself in blood to protect his young master; He fought through the enemy formation using (the) Changshan style

Volume 50: A powerful enemy looms across the river, Sir Zhou raises a thousand sails

  • C396-Masterpieces of Painting and Poetry
  • C397-The Assisting Advisor
  • C398-Upstairs, Downstairs
  • C399-Thousand Word Diplomacy (re-translated as Wordy Diplomacy)
  • C400-Terse Skirmish
  • C401-The Ultimate Debate
  • C402-The Step Between Fortune and Misfortune
  • C403-The Number One Advisor

Recap 50: Yide singlehandedly held off an army; Kongming took on a throng of scholars by himself

Volume 51: Use pain to disguise an attack by fire, but victory shall be determined by the easterly wind

  • C404-The Number One Upstart
  • C405-Ziyi and Wenyuan
  • C406-Continue to Continue
  • C407-The Youngster Who Knows His Way Around
  • C408-A Desperate Measure
  • C409-The Imperial Uncle Marks Time
  • C410-Persistent
  • C411-The Mountain Behind the Mountain

Recap 51: Warriors of Shenting fought against the Cao army; Give one’s life at Haihun to repay one’s lord

Volume 52: Raging fire lights up the clouds, layered ships make a clean sweep

  • C412-Cometh Gai and Yu
  • C413-Walls of Bronze and Iron
  • C414-Flaming Red Cliff
  • C415-The Lethal Destance
  • C416-The Sun Army Landing
  • C417-Underhanded and Indefensible
  • C418-Kind Wisdom and Hostage
  • C419-The Final Strike

Recap 52: Zhou Yu burns the chained ships; Cao Cao threatens to advance over both land and water

Volume 53: A fight over dominance, Gentleman Zhou breaks Cao Cao’s attack

  • C420-Feint East, Strike West
  • C421-Suspenseful Steps
  • C422-The Second Round of Fire
  • C423-The Reveal
  • C424-Stepwise Counteroffensive
  • C425-Counterattack on Cao Cao
  • C426-Reclaim the Long River
  • C427-A Killing Move Unfulfilled

Recap 53: Zhou Gongjin reigns supreme over water; The army of the southeast burns Wulin

Volume 54: The embers still burn at Red Cliff, but the rain already pours over Huarong

  • C428-The King of Decisive Strategy
  • C429-Outside They Never Fight Alone
  • C430-The Secondary Strategy Initiates (re-translated as The Contingency Plan Initiates)
  • C431-Retreat to Huarong
  • C432-By the Immortal’s Guidance
  • C433-Omnipotent
  • C434-Rivalling Red Cliff
  • C435-Assuming Responsibility in the Face of Danger

Recap 55: Kongming used the right timing of a weather change; Zhongda waited for the right timing to kill an immortal

Volume 55: The Peerless Dragon and Phoenix, who else is even comparable

  • C436-It’s Snowing Swords
  • C437-The First Battle Between Ultimates
  • C438-Unspoken
  • C439-Fallen to Hell
  • C440-Yunchang the Blade
  • C441-Anti-hero, Loyal Vassal
  • C442-A Hard-Call Between Loyalty and Righteousness
  • C443-Alternative Kindred-Spirit

Recap 55: God-like warrior leads his troops to the Huarong path; Confidants find common ground in the war tent

Volume 56: Flames of war ignite the south of Jing, three generals attack four commanderies

  • C444-Becoming the Warrior Saint
  • C445-New Blood from the South
  • C446-Bugs in Decayed Wood
  • C447-The Tripartite Method
  • C448-Qilin and Elephant
  • C449-Dilating Blood Vessels
  • C450-Seething Art
  • C451-Fine Words and an Insinuating Appearance

Recap 56: Cao Cao is battered after the defeat; Liu Bei is poised to engulf the four commanderies

Volume 57: (A) thorny rose is bad news, it is sharpest at its prime

  • C452-Old and Wily
  • C453-Hit Them Where it Hurts
  • C454-Fan the Older, Yun the Younger (re-translated as On Brotherly Terms; translated differently in the scanlation as The Brother of Yun)
  • C455-Mastery over Blade and Arrow
  • C456-A Pair of Fish (translated differently in the scanlation as Fish Duo, Old and Young)
  • C457-Mao Qiang and Xi Shi
  • C458-A Troop from Wuling (translated differently in the scanlation as Wuling Changing Warrior)

Recap 57: (An) old warrior of Changsha battles Guan Yu; a youth of Guiyang challenges Zhang Fei

Volume 58: Dying candle shines its last, fresh flame lights up like a thousand suns

  • C459-Yide and Wenchang
  • C460-Hard to Clear Muddy Water (translated differently in the scanlation as Muddy Water Hard to Clear)
  • C461-The Last Shot
  • C462-As If Grieving, As If Loving
  • C463-Becoming One’s Own Enemy
  • C464-A Godsend Without Renown (translated differently in the scanlation as Powerful Troop Without Renown)
  • C465-Auspicious Day

Recap 58: Zhao Zilong seizes Guiyang by force; Pang Shiyuan schemes to take Jingzhou

Volume 59: The chaotic scene is back on track, aim the bow at the Heavenly Wolf

  • C466-Back On Track
  • C467-Climb the Pagoda to Seize the City
  • C468-The Secret of Guiyang
  • C469-Zhang Fei Takes Flight
  • C470-A Friend Returns
  • C471-The Most Painful Decision
  • C472-Judging an Assassin (translated differently in the scanlation as Identity of an Assassin; re-translated as Reading an Assassin)

Recap 59:

Volume 60: Twist and turn, heroes fight to the death

  • C473-Slaves and Whores (translated differently in the scanlation as Slaves and Hookers)
  • C474-Words as a Weapon
  • C475-Pointing the Sword at Changsha
  • C476-The Final Separation
  • C477-The Handover of Jiangxia
  • C478-The Eight Da of Sima
  • C479-The One I Want to Kill

Recap 60:

Volume 61: Roll call of good officers by the benevolent lord, new edges sharpened out of the Handicapped Warriors

  • C480-The Humane Military Adviser
  • C481-An Exploration of Life
  • C482-Old Man Leads the Way
  • C483-A Blood-soaked Discussion of Warfare
  • C484-Under the Pines and Cypresses
  • C485-There Will Come a Day
  • C486-The New Generation

Recap 61:

Volume 62: Cavalry and archery on the battlefield, using a brave strategy to compete against Gentleman Zhou

  • C487-The Strongest Units
  • C488-Return of the Desperados
  • C489-Zhuge Liang’s Special Forces
  • C490-Men of Virtue with Lofty Ideals
  • C491-Heroes Share the Same Path
  • C492-Unmatched Brain and Brawn
  • C493-Zhuge’s Ghost Army

Recap 62:

Volume 63:

  • C494-A Mighty Army of Vengeance
  • C495-Zhou Yu’s Foolishness
  • C496-The Finest Strategy
  • C497-Aim for a Risky Win
  • C498-Caught Up From Behind
  • C499-A Heavenly Warrior
  • C500-The Perfect Handicapped Warriors

Recap 63:

Volume 64:

  • C501-A Debate Over Power
  • C502-The Rising and Setting of Sun and Moon
  • C503-A Seated Discussion About Longzhong
  • C504-Unshaken, Undisturbed
  • C505-Measures Change When Situations Differ
  • C506-Rise Above the Level
  • C507-The Door to Shu Opens Wide

Recap 64:

Volume 65:

  • C508-A Strategy at Every Step
  • C509-Deeply Hidden
  • C510-Mere Three Days Apart
  • C511-A Contest of Ambushes
  • C512-A Contest of Military Texts
  • C513-Fool the Fish and Fool the Rest
  • C514-The Benevolence of Endurance

Recap 65:

Volume 66:

  • C515-Indefensible
  • C516-The Godlike Warrior in the Fog
  • C517-A Path Without Entryway
  • C518-The Silent Porter
  • C519-Lone Dragon of Changshan
  • C520-The Imperial Uncle Breaks Through
  • C521-No Fish at the Sea’s Drainage

Recap 66:

Volume 67:

  • C522-The King of Assassins
  • C523-Fish or Not Fish

APPENDIX: OFFICIAL ARC DIVISIONS (almost identical to the customized ‘story arc’ divisions used in this blog, with slight differences)

  • 火燒洛陽篇 (The Burning of Luoyang): V1-V5 (1-41)
  • 虎牢攻防篇 (The Battle of Hulao): V6 (42-50)
  • 長安風雲篇 (The Turmoils in Chang’an): V7-V10 (51-85)
  • 徐州殺戮篇 (The Massacres in Xuzhou): V11-V13 (86-109)
  • 濮陽練兵篇 (The Training at Puyang): V14-V15 (110-125)
  • 霸王崛起篇 (The Rise of the Conqueror): V16-V18 (126-150)
  • 華陰儆君篇 (The Admonishment at Huayin): V19 (151-158)
  • 虎噬江東篇 (The Tiger Devours Jiangdong): V20-V21 (159-174)
  • 徐州博弈篇 (The Contest over Xuzhou): V22 (175-182)
  • 宛城浴血篇 (The Bloodbath at Wancheng): V23-V24 (183-198)
  • 河內血淚篇 (The Tragedy at Henei): V25 (199-206)
  • 徐州暗湧篇 (The Hidden Buildup in Xuzhou): V26-V27 (207-222)
  • 戰神末路篇 (The End of the Road for the God of War): V28-V32 (223-263)
  • 南伐北戰篇 (The Campaigns in the South and the North): V33-V36 (264-293)
  • 孫策襲許篇 (Sun Ce’s Attack on Xu): V37-V39 (294-316)
  • 官渡之戰篇 (The Battle of Guandu): V40-V44 (317-356)
  • 平定河北篇 (The Pacification of Hebei): V45-V46 (357-372)
  • 赤壁之戰篇 (The Battle of Chibi): V47-V55 (373-443)
  • 荊南奪城篇 (The Seizure of Cities in Jingnan): V56- (444-)

In addition, the composer mentions that Ravages may be divided into three large parts: (1) the tale of Lü Bu (arguably the composer’s favorite character); (2) the campaigns leading to Chibi (with Guandu in the middle); and (3) the subsequent campaigns.



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